Articles by Ruth M. Miller
Sidewalks tell a Story of Slavery 
 South Carolina's Flag is her Confederate Flag
"A Short History of Charleston"
"The Old Dog"
 Rescue Rantowles Creek (Link as is.)  A History of Rantowles Creek from 1670 to the present day, includes Native Americans, Stono slave rebellion, rice culture, the Revolution, the phosphate industry, recreation to the destruction of our environment and heritage. Excellent videos of the LowCountry and illustrations with commentary.  
Memberships include: Palmetto Guild, South Carolina Historical Society, Preservation Society, Association of Gravestone Studies, Mensa, Phi Beta Kappa, Friends of the Old Exchange, Avery Institute for African American History, Charleston Library Society
Reflections on the American Revolution with Ruth Miller  Chad, Ben, and Ruth have the honor to sit down in the Old Exchange Building in Historic Charleston, South Carolina, to reflect on the American Revolution and specifically Charleston's role in it. The final straw leading to the American Revolution was "Taxation without Representation", as covered by Ruth in this episode.

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